March 15, 2017- Full Day at the Capitol

This brief video features the “Army of Warriors”, as Susan Ward Payne, former president of PART, called them. They were there to be recognized as a group and to show their appreciation to our legislators who continue to support and fight for our State Supported Living Centers. 

We need ALL of these Specialty Care Centers for the most severe mentally and physically disabled. As family members, we visited all these offices to give them “accurate” information regarding the excellent care and services provided at SSLC’s that in NOT available in the “community” of “private, for profit providers” that is vital for the survival of these most vulnerable citizens. 


All the residents of SSLC’s and the wonderful, caring, hard working staff (state employees) all across the state of Texas will be blessed by your effort!

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How can you help?

Talk to Legislators

Let your legislators know about what is happening at your Center and how it meets your loved one’s needs. Share pictures and stories of your loved one and their life.

Keep up on the issues

Stay up to date on the issues by using the tools on this website, Like Save Our SSLCs FB page and follow Save Our Tx SSLCs on Twitter and by subscribing to our newsletter on our website's Contact page.

Contribute to our Mission

Donate to PART to educate the public, lawmakers and stakeholders on the issues that families face dealing with severe autism and severe mental illness, and those that medically fragile.


Olmstead Case is a landmark Supreme Court Decision that gives people the choice to decide if a residential setting, their own home or community living best meets their needs.

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Inform PART of Negative Stories in the Press

The mission of PART  is to provide information on the good things happening at the Texas SSLCs as well as address with HHSC and legislators any issues occurring within SSLC operations. Another focus of PART is to correct any misinformation from publications, other groups or individuals. If you read an article or letter to the editor in a publication that concerns you, please use our Contact page to inform PART of the article and the name of the publication. Please provide a link. The Denton Family Association addressed misinformation provided by some Dallas area groups and wrote an article addressing their concerns. Click on the “Read Here” button to read their response.