Parents and Allies for Remarkable Texans

Living at Texas State Supported Living Centers

Choices for a Lifetime Options for All


PART seeks to be part of the solution – helping policymakers, stakeholders, families, community leaders, clinicians, and state agency representatives design and maintain a comprehensive system for our most vulnerable Texans.


PART believes that residential options should mirror the diversity of people with special needs and supports a full array of quality residential options, from in-home supports to State Supported Living Centers or SSLCs. In every case, PART advocates that the final determination of what is appropriate depends on the needs of the individual.


PART recognizes that every person with special needs has unique strengths, abilities and needs. 

Advocating for families

PART is a statewide volunteer organization, founded in 1974, comprised of families of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities and severe mental illness (IDD/SMI). We have no paid staff, and are dedicated to securing, maintaining, and improving the full continuum of educational and residential placement options for everyone in Texas with all levels of IDD/SMI.

Call to Action

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