Guardianship Issues


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Frequently Asked Questions by Guardians About the COVID-19 Pandemic

The National Consumer Voice in conjunction with the National Guardianship Association and the ABA have created this document for Nursing Homes but many points apply to guardians with individuals in other long term care services. 

Making the best choice

Guardianship 101-Part 1 pdf

Making the decision to become a guardian and questions to consider.

Guardianship 101-Part 2 pdf

Process to become a Guardian of the Person and requirements for reporting to court to maintain guardianship.

Where to Register

Family member guardians must register with the Judicial Branch Certification Commission (JBCC) and take free orientation class. The JBCC is the state agency that oversees the registration of family guardians.

Parents' Story of Applying for Guardianship of Their Child

One family's story of making the choice for guardianship from

learning your duties

Travis County Probate Court

Examples of procedures and duties of guardian are provided on this website. Check your county's requirements for reporting.

Legal Guardianship for Young Adults with Disabilities

Detailed explanation of the Guardianship process by

Protecting the Incapacitated Guardianship in Texas from Application to Oath

From the State Bar of Texas: Understanding guardianships in Texas law is made easier by this pamphlet. (Last revised 2014)

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Legal Planning

Legal planning beyond 18: Supported Decision Making, Power of Attorney and Guardianship. Exploring choices for future planning. When your child turns 18, the rules and laws governing them change. Here’s how parents and legal experts recommend you prepare for that transition—and create the best situation for your child. View this brief video produced by Navigate Life Texas. 

Is legal guardianship necessary for adults with developmental disabilities?

From the NJ Spotlight News, weighing the choices between alternatives to guardianship and the protections that Guardianship provides families. There are many instances where Guardianship is necessary and families need to be ready. Families should regularly revisit the conversation about guardianship, especially as circumstances change, individuals age, and mental and health capacities decline.