Personal Stories

Glimpses of family members and the people who live at the Texas State Supported Living Centers. 

Come and listen to our stories

Our families have different stories of how our loved one came to live at a State Supported Living Center. But all the stories have the same thread of abiding love. Please listen. 

Becky and Linda Conversation

Steve and Stacey Mayfield

Beth McKinney Family Involvement

Dr. Tom Diaz and daughter Monica

Becky Japko-A message

Gayla & Shanna - Two Housemates at AuSSLC

Debbie Talley and son Scott

Linda Johnson Speaks About Her Sister's Life

Peggy Osborne and sister Elizabeth

Beth McKinney -Lance's Mom

Linda Johnson and Gayla-Sisters Before a Drive

Christmas Party at AuSSLC Home

Debbie Talley Talks about Services

Becky Japko-Journey to Brenham SSLC

Beth McKinney-Staff