The 85th Texas Legislature is winding down to a crawl. House and Senate deadlines are looming.

SB 602, the SSLC closure bill, is still viable but facing difficult challenges. We must act now to stop this misguided legislation! It’s our last chance.

The ARC of Texas is mounting a grassroots effort using technology to automatically generate emails to legislators imploring them to vote for SB 602.

Most elected officials are wise to the fake ploy of generating emails (many times from people who don’t know or care about the issue they are asked to participate in). Elected officials shouldn’t be duped by such a transparent play.

Nevertheless, we cannot take anything for granted.

These people will say and do anything to close the State Supported Living Centers.

Some folks have contended that SB 602 is a study bill and not a closure bill.

Well, if that’s the case why are these SB 602 supporters so visceral about a study bill? Who gets passionate about a study bill?

Because it’s a closure bill, that’s why. It needs to die. Now.
Please contact the House Committee on Human Services and ask them to:

Oppose SB 602 – the SSLC Closure Bill!! Call again today

Please contact the Conference Committee and let them know how you feel.

Sen Nelson- 512-463-0112
Sen. Hinojosa- 512-463-0120
Sen. Huffman- 512-463-0117
Sen. Kolkhorst- 512-463-0118
Sen.Schwertner- 512-463-0105
Rep. Zerwas- 512-463-0657
Rep. Ashby- 512-463-0508
Rep. Davis- 512-463-0389
Rep. L. Gonzales-512-463-0670
Rep. Longoria- 512-463-0645

PART is fighting well-funded special interests that have little regard for Texas’ most vulnerable population. Please donate today (no matter how small) so we have a fighting chance!