Policy and Advocacy

PART Advocacy encompasses all the actions, great or small, taken by the families, friends and guardians of the people who live at the Texas State Supported Living Centers.

PART works to enlighten legislators, the press and stake holders on the continued need for Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs). ICFs were created to provide a high level of care for narrow group of people who have a high level of need. ICFs are medically oriented and were intended to be the alternative to history’s snake pit institutions. Today’s ICFs bear no resemblance to Willowbrook or any other institution of the past.

The ideology of community for all, no matter the consequences for the individual is dangerous. One size does not fit all.

In order to be an effective advocate, a basic knowledge of policy issues is required.  We hope the following information proves helpful in your support of the individuals who live at the Texas SSLCs.