HHSC Releases COVID Data on SSLCs – Where is the Info on Group Homes?

PART and the families of the residents of the State Supported Living Centers are grateful for the work of The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas (FOIF). FOIF, along with journalists, private citizens and elected officials requested from the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for the release of the number of coronavirus cases in Texas nursing homes, assisted living centers, State Hospitals and the State Supported Living Centers. HHSC appealed to the attorney general to rule on the requests. The Attorney General ruled on July 6th that the Texas HHSC is required to release the requested information.

Yesterday July 27, 2020, HHSC released the number of staff and resident cases in the State Supported Living Centers, where our family and friends live and work. We are deeply saddened that seven precious lives have been lost. While we would prefer that the number of lives lost would be zero, we realize unhappily that this is a virus that has ravaged the whole world. The mortality rate of all the SSLCs taken together is below one percent which is significantly lower than the almost 10 % mortality rate of nursing homes in Texas. This extremely low percentage is indicative of the highly coordinated efforts of HHSC’s doctors and nurses in monitoring and treating the symptoms of COVID-19 at the Centers.
While we appreciate HHSC’s transparency in providing this data, PART continues to be concerned about the number of COVID-19 cases in group homes. PART is requesting that HHSC to be just as transparent about group homes as the agency is now about the SSLCs.

PART and the families and friends of the SSLCs are relieved that the vast majority of our loved ones have done well despite rising numbers in Texas. We are extremely grateful for the sheer grit, commitment and determination of all the Centers’ Administration and staff. We know they are working diligently to protect and care for our loved ones.