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SB 602 – Voted Out of Committee On to the Senate Floor

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services voted out the SSLC closure bill - SB 602. The vote was 7-1. One significant change was the amendment inserted by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, SSLC friend and stalwart. The amendment requires any...

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SB 602 – Hearing update

A big thanks to all the families who braved an all day public hearing at the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services last Wednesday, April 6th. SB 602 was the last bill taken up as our families finally wandered out of the Capitol around 10:30 PM (the hearing...

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Lege Push for Closing SSLCs Just Plain Wrong on All Counts

By Edd O’Donnell | Capitol Watch Blog Only rarely do I get exercised about how legislators’ actions affect Texas citizens because in most cases the citizens voted these people into office and are getting what they deserve. However, votes to back the Sunset...

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Message from the President

Once again – just when you thought it was safe to go into the water – Rep. Stephanie Klick R- Ft Worth files HB 3080 – an SSLC closure bill that targets Austin SSLC and then creates a pathway to other closures.

Obviously, we have fought this battle before and probably will again. The good news is that there is no Senate bill this time around – and the bill filing deadline has passed. Sen. Chuy Hinojosa chose not to file a closure bill this session like he has in the past.

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Mary Elizabeth Butt Educational Fund

Mary Elizabeth Butt was a prominent Texas philanthropist and wife of HEB Grocery Company founder Howard Edward Butt Sr. We honor her lifetime legacy for her advocacy work in the world of developmental disabilities. The tax deductible fund is established to educate policymakers, clinicians, the media and the public of the need for a comprehensive system that includes residential care for our most vulnerable Texans.