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PART is a statewide volunteer organization, founded in 1974, comprised of families of people with Mental Retardation or Developmental Disabilities (MR/DD). We have no paid staff, and are dedicated to securing, maintaining, and improving the full continuum of educational and residential placement options for everyone in Texas with all levels of MR/DD.

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HHSC Releases COVID Data on SSLCs – Where is the Info on Group Homes?

PART and the families of the residents of the State Supported Living Centers are grateful for the work of The Freedom of Information Foundation of Texas (FOIF). FOIF, along with journalists, private citizens and elected officials requested from the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for the release of the number of coronavirus cases in Texas nursing homes, assisted living centers, State Hospitals and the State Supported Living Centers. HHSC appealed to the attorney general to rule on the requests. The Attorney General ruled on July 6th that the Texas HHSC is required to release the requested information.

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MaryElizabethHoldsworthButtMary Elizabeth Butt Educational Fund Mary Elizabeth Butt was a prominent Texas philanthropist and wife of HEB Grocery Company founder Howard Edward Butt Sr. We honor her lifetime legacy for her advocacy work in the world of developmental disabilities. The tax deductible fund is established to educate policymakers, clinicians, the media and the public of the need for a comprehensive system that includes residential care for our most vulnerable Texans.

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